It Wasn’t me, Sir, it Was the Reservoir What Done it

The Pears Institute for the Study of Antisemitism Tries its Hand at Satire: On “Labour and Antisemitism: A Crisis Misunderstood” by Ben Gidley, Brendan McGeever and David Feldman Distinguishing Between Antisemites and Antisemitism: The IHRA Definition of Antisemitism Impact vs. “Outcomes”: Structural Antisemitism The Cherry on the Satirical Cake: Taking Cherry-Picking to a Whole NewContinue reading “It Wasn’t me, Sir, it Was the Reservoir What Done it”

Research or Propaganda?

My Seven Favourite Bloopers and Outtakes from the EVZ/Pears Institute study Antisemitism and Immigration in Western Europe Today Framing “Quality Control” Cherry-Picking Statistical Criteria Cannibalizing Your Own Contributors Cherry-Picking Years Antisemitism and the Critique of Israel Cherry-Picking Interpretations Self-Contradiction This text is part of a broader critique of the work of the London-based Pears InstituteContinue reading “Research or Propaganda?”