Just What the World was Waiting for: Yet another Blog

I have been involved in serious scholarship focusing, inter alia, on antisemitism and proper, serious (i.e. Frankfurt School) Critical Theory for the best part of a quarter of a century and will continue to grapple with these issues as a scholar. I am principally starting this blog as a forum in which I can present my critical commentary, ideas and occasional rants to a broader range of readers who may benefit from (or, where necessary, be annoyed by) them. In addition, given my categorical rejection of the increasingly hegemonic postmodern-postcolonial assault on the legacy of the Enlightenment and attendant efforts to strangle the critique of antisemitism, I am finding it increasingly difficult to publish my scholarly texts and therefore need an additional outlet.

Should your conscience allow you to do so, please support my blog by sharing posts and spreading the word. Many thanks!

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